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The Square, owned privately by the Portman Estate, is a secret oasis set in front of the House and tucked away behind the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street.

Our team will ensure your event has the Home House signature of excellence. Why not have a Raj Tent and recreate the look of our courtyard garden with pretty garden furniture, or go Moroccan with low cube seating and rugs laid out for a laidback lounge feel?For the menu, perhaps a delicious Hog or Lamb Spit Roast or a Deluxe BBQ with a salad buffet.

Entertainment…..Jazz Bands, String Quartets, Salsa Bands, Steel Drum Bands or go all the way with a full band and stage area…..the options and possibilities are endless and our team will assist you to ensure you have the best summer party that people will continue to talk about throughout the year and will want to come back to the following year.


Backgammon Society

The Boardroom in House 21 (3rd floor)

Monday 28 April

Chris Difford interviews...celebrated jazz trumpetist and composer, Guy Barker

Music Room

Wednesday 23 April

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