Home House Private Members Club welcomes people from all walks of life, which is part of its uniqueness. Quite unlike the starchiness of so many other private members clubs, Home House is a place to enjoy leisure hours or the perfect arena for a working day.

In tune with the contemporary moment, mobiles and laptops are not banned and there is no restrictive dress code – the only rule of the House being that ‘nudity is discouraged!’

The special synergy between staff and membership is at the heart of the Club’s growing magnetism and success and we constantly strive to strengthen this. Part of becoming a member involves meeting with one of the enthusiastic and well informed membership team for a comprehensive tour of the House. Membership applications are considered monthly by the membership committee upon recommendation of the membership team.

There are no interviews, no board of selectors you must appear before or esoteric initiation rites. Home House really is a ‘home from home.’

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