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House N° 20

Robert Adam’s iconic Grand Staircase rises to an ornate glass dome revealing the sky above, and is regarded as one of the most opulent entrances in British architecture. Guests climb this awe-inspiring staircase to reach the sumptuous neo-classical Drawing Rooms. The perfect setting for a quintessentially British Afternoon Tea; guests can also choose from a casual dining menu and extensive drinks list.

Outside, hidden within the Club’s private courtyard garden, guests can retreat to ‘Le Fumoir Snug’: a cosy outdoor smoking den, perfect for balmy evenings and designed in the style of a 19th Century smoking lounge, complete with leather armchairs and heating throughout the year.


Backgammon Society

The Boardroom in House 21 (3rd floor)

Monday 28 April

Chris Difford interviews...celebrated jazz trumpetist and composer, Guy Barker

Music Room

Wednesday 23 April

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