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Indulge in Friedemodin fragrances, Love from Cedric

Friedemodin is a London perfume house founded by Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin - a duo united by their fascination and love of fragrance.

Symbolising a new kind of perfumery, Friedemodin masterfully creates timeless fine fragrances which are personal, inspirational and tailor-made for both men and women.
The UK’s only independent fragrance specialist (and ex Givaudan), Virginie Daniau, assisted Friedemodin to bring their concept of bespoke combination perfumery to life.
For the month of March only, Friedemodin fragances are available to Home House members with an amazing 30% discount!
To find out more about Friededodin, click on the link here:
And to make a purchase please email and quote your name and  Home House membership number.
Love from Cedric