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Any Friend of Ours

Join the club, Love from Cedric

For those discerning travellers among us we are excited to introduce you to Any Friend of Ours....
To celebrate our partnership with Any Friend of Ours, exclusively Home House members will be treated to complimentary VIP Membership, Love from Cedric. Membership will grant access to an exclusive selection of second homes available via member only site Any Friend of Ours and members can rent from a wide variety of luxurious 'home from home’ properties, many of which are not available on the open market. 
Being a VIP Any Friend of Ours Member opens up a wealth of properties, destinations and holiday ideas and brings a whole new level of luxury and comfort to travelling the globe. Consider the possibilities – a 43ft yacht in St Lucia, a jungle bungalow on a tea plantation in Sri Lanka, a house set in 1.5 acres overlooking False Bay in Cape Town, as well as amazing properties in Mexico, Malaysia and Thailand are amongst those on offer. 
For the holiday homeowners amongst you, Any Friend of Ours offers you an opportunity to rent out you own properties to trusted, liked-minded people so you can make the most of your second home in a safe, secure and innovative way.  It overcomes the concerns that make so many second homeowners reluctant to risk renting-out their property; the fear of it being damaged, or the hassle of having to chase or negotiate payment. You can feel confident renting to a trusted community!
To enjoy your complimentary VIP membership whether you are a holiday home renter or home owner:
2. Enter the VIP Code 'CEDRIC2012' and create your own password for future use.
3. Please fill out your profile, thanks for providing as much detail as possible and noting you are a Home House member (it is a community so the more the better).  
4. Finally, a warm welcome and enjoy your VIP membership!
Love from Cedric