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Upcoming Events

April is an abundance of special dates for the diary, including Easter weekend for the entire family to enjoy. Our Spring Party this year celebrates ‘all things thespian’ with the title ‘West End, Broadway & beyond!’, so collect your friends together and select a stage outfit! Click through to view the entire calendar of activities.


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Membership Enquiries

As one of London’s most exclusive and popular clubs, membership is by invitation. We would be delighted to consider your enquiry to come and join our wonderful club.

Home House combines the ultimate in modern comfort with the height of 18th century chic: eccentric, exuberant but always elegant and welcoming. Our members come from all walks of life and we pride ourselves on this diversity in the metropolis and cultural melting pot that is our home, London.  

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Members' Spring Party

As we cram in more musicals, plays and operas than you have ever seen in one place, we beseech you to wander between stage sets, backstage dressing rooms and of course, be part of the Grand Auditorium.  From long running Broadway hits to award winning West End spectacles; we welcome you to come dressed as your favourite characters.