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Magnificent Mayfair Walk

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Date : Tuesday 22 October 2013

Location : Ye Olde Grapes, Shepherd's Market W1

Time : 18:00 PM

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Right from its conception in Restoration London, Mayfair has been a place for party animals, gamblers, the elite, rich and famous. Its history has traversed along the lines of the debauched and wild fair held in May, to the elegant and classical aristocratic houses of the Georgian elite.  Now it is a melting pot of astonishingly expensive properties inhabited by oil rich Gulf Arabs, Russian oligarchs, hedge fund capitalists, rock and film stars and a few lethargic aristocrats. 
We’ll start by uncovering the secret history of Shepherd’s Market. As the tour unfolds, juicy and hilarious tales will be told about naughty Lord Palmerston, saucy actress Lola Montez, style-maker Beau Brummell, the mistresses of Georgie Porgie and Silly Billy and many more. 
No refunds.

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