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Easy Astrology in two parts

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Date : Monday 30 September 2013

Location : Etruscan Room

Time : 19:00 PM

Ticket Price : £40

Two part course on Monday 30th September & Monday 28th October

Our favourite intuitive astrologer, Carolyne Faulkner is back!  This time to share exclusively with us the secret language of the stars.  This two part course is designed to teach you how to produce a basic horoscope chart for anyone and to sparkle with cosmic wisdom gained at dinner parties with your cool and unique interpretation of the zodiac.  Probably the most fun you will have whilst learning something valuable.

This language is a powerful way to gain awareness and to spiritually progress intuitive personal messages thoughout and a literal whizz around the stars, their rulers and the houses they inhabit - this two part course will debunk the language for you in a fresh, inspirational and easy to understand way.

Wine and canapés included.

Cost: £40 for the two sessions.

Tickets are non refundable.

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