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Carnal Conversations Part 4

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Date : Tuesday 19 February 2013

Location : Gloucester Lounge

Time : 19:30 PM

Meet the Movers and Shakers of Adult London 2013.

London is fast becoming the centre of the globe for the more discerning lover of the "adult" lifestyle.
Starting a few years back with the Gay community in Soho, Vauxhall and now Bermondsey the Straight community is fast catching up in revealing a desire for a more sophisticated approach to adult entertainment. Now with elegant venues holding sophisticated swingers evenings and specialist fetish clubs opening regularly and catering to a variety of tastes London is leading the world in a more mature approach to the world of adult entertainment. As boundaries between sexualities blur and multi sexual clubs become the norm and as women recognise their equal entitlement to having as much fun as the men, both singles and couples of all nationalities are more and more seeking a quality sensual adventure that this groundbreaking Capital is increasingly able to provide.
In this Carnal Conversation Part 4, professionals and business leaders will discuss how they are driving this more mature approach to adult entertainment in the nation’s capital. So, if you are both curious and open minded and want to explore more about what's on offer, come along.  Hosted by Colin Richards, Sex & Relationship Mentor.
Advance RSVP essential, limited spaces.