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Art Comes Home - meet the Curator and Artists

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Date : Wednesday 23 January 2013

Location : Meet in the House Lounge

Time : 19:00 PM

This event is now FULLY BOOKED

Art Comes Home is the current group installation that places nine artists in nine rooms, creating a series of miniature galleries throughout the club.

In the first of several events, we are delighted to introduce Home House's new art curator, Serena Morton and artists, Jim Threapleton and Robi Walters.

Over wine and canapés, Jim and Robi will discuss their work and Serena will invite discussion abou the art market in general.

Feel free to wander through the three exhibtion rooms where you will have the chance to stop, look at the work and chat with the trio.

Advance RSVP recommended.

Details of the artwork shown here:

Title: Rock Steady
Size: 4ft x 4ft
Materials: card, glue and plywood