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The Still Life Drama of Dennis Severs' House

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Date : Thursday 17 January 2013

Location : Dennis Severs' House, London E1 6BX

Time : 18:30 PM

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Meeting in the fascinating, multi layered area of Spitalfields to view the jewel in the area’s crown, Dennis Severs’ House, a seldom opened Georgian /Victorian house developed by an exceptionally eccentric 20th century American who spent his life following the English light.

We are delighted to be joined by Rose Balston of Art History UK who will give a short talk on the history of the area and the life of the curious Dennis Severs.  Inside the house, you’ll be free to wander at your own pace.  
For contrast, join us for a relaxed supper after the tour at Tayyabsunquestionably the best (and most understated) Punjabi restaurant in the area.