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Debating Society 'The Rise of the Republic of Britain!'

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Date : Wednesday 22 January 2014

Location : Etruscan Room

Time : 19:30 PM

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Does the likely reign of HRH Prince Charles herald the fall of the Monarchy?
Such is one the slightly controversial questions which Prof. Stephen Haseler, author of 'The Grand Delusion' offers to raise for the first 2014 Persuaders' discussion.
Dullness is unlikely to be on the agenda!
About the Speaker
Professor Stephen Haseler is the author of numerous books on contemporary politics, and Director of The Global Policy Institute in London. He is a Senior Fellow at The Federal Trust. His specialisms are British politics, the UK Constitution, Transatlantic relations and European defence. He is one of the foremost authorities on, and critic of, the British monarchy and the unwritten constitution and regularly appears on national television and radio and writes columns for national newspapers on this subject.
About The Persuaders
Set up by HH members, Radiah Binns and Alban James) The Persuaders is the Home House Debating Salon. It offers members and their guests the opportunity to informally engage with thought leaders from the world of politics, activism and the arts.
Discussions under the Chatham House Rules.

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