Meet the…Shrink




More and more people are under increasing levels of stress in daily life but are unclear about how a counsellor or therapist can benefit their life.

At times we all need support and may find it difficult to know where to go or whom to ask.

This confidential experiential evening offers an insight into therapy; what psychotherapy does, what it doesn’t do and where it helps in life, and why it’s OK just to be human. When it’s OK to be not OK and to say so.

The event is hosted by Home House member Jon Treanor, a transpersonal psychotherapist who will present a frank and open insight into how therapy can benefit us all. Jon will be open to questions about why he believes therapy is positive for all and why we can all learn from self-reflection to help us in our daily life.

This non-judgmental, none critical evening is open to a limited number of members who are interested in learning more about personal growth.

Cost: £5 member, £10 guest

Time/Location: 7.00pm, House Lounge

Due to the popularity of our events, we are unable to offer refunds.