Festive Mixology


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The Bison Bar team looks forward to welcoming you for a celebratory night of seasonal cocktails making and, of course, drinking. Expand your mixology and taste bud skills at this fun night of stirring, mixing and shaking.

New York Sour – One of the only classic cocktails to make use of unfortified wine, the New York Sour brings extra complexity from fruit and tannin to a regular whisky sour with the addition of red wine. The drink was originally invented in Chicago in the 1870s, where bartenders were adding a “claret snap”, meaning a float of red wine, to their whisky sours.

The Martinez – Of all the cocktails proudly wearing the ‘classic’ badge, the Martinez is perhaps the most deserving. Often named the Father of the Martini, this is an old, old drink with a beautiful, burnt honey colour and a complicated but well-balanced, taste. Described as being a perfectly elegant post-dinner cocktail but carries enough spirit to see you through a night of debauchery…

Cost: £20 member, £30 guest

Time/Location: 7.00pm, Bison Bar

Due to the popularity of our events, we are unable to offer refunds.