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Heathenish Liquor and White Gold

A thought-provoking walking tour that aims to shine a light on the history of the transatlantic slave trade in London.

In the 18th century Britain became a major player in slave trade and London, as it capital, was critical to both its development and propagation. Tour guide Dominic Burris North will explain how the trade came to be and what led to Britain’s involvement in it. The darker origins of some of the City’s best known institutions will also be revealed. You will see the streets of where human beings were bartered for over a cup of coffee, and hear about how the ‘white gold’ used to sweeten that coffee became the principle driver of the trade.

Timing: 6.15-6.45pm – Drinks in Booksellers Pub on St Andrew’s Hill, very close to St Paul’s Cathedral

6.45 – 8.15pm – Tour

Cost: £25 members, £30 for guests