Lady Islington

The Lady Islington suite takes its name from one of the pioneering lady interior decorators in the inter-war years and she was responsible for redecorating much of Home House during the 1920’s.Overlooking the Club’s garden on the second floor of No 20, the suite houses an extraordinary marble bathroom; designed in 1922 by the eccentric fascist cavalry officer, Marcesa Malacreda and still retains its original fittings. The deep red marble comes from the same stone as the star inlaid in the floor in the centre of the dome in St Paul’s Cathedral, London. During the Second World War, an incendiary bomb fell through the light well. Fortunately, it failed to detonate but the cracks where it landed are still evident today.The grand bedroom houses a mahogany four poster bed with rich shades of royal purple and fresh floral design wallpaper.