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Rules & Regulations

We don’t like them! And we don’t make a big fuss about them, but for reference they are enclosed here within. What works at the Home House Private Members Club is just some general polite etiquette. The relationship between our team and our members has been built on this and it is one of the truly unique facets that gives the House such a wonderful ambience. Briefly:

  • Please present your card to swipe in, for a number of different legal reasons relating to our licence, but primarily for member safety.
  • All members must sign in guests and no more than three. Any guests arriving before members will be asked to wait for the member’s arrival in either Reception or the Bison Bar only.
  • Once the member leaves, so must their guests.
  • Be polite to all members, guests and staff. It’s a two way street and it ensures everyone enjoys the House.
  • Member’s dogs are allowed to enter but must be on a lead, under control and remain on the floor and are not allowed on any furniture. Any mess must be cleared immediately by the owner.
  • Silence is golden and a requirement when exiting late at night please.