Core Club, New York


New York, New York – Love from Cedric

We are excited to announce that we have negotiated a truly special partnership just for Home House members visiting New York. Exclusively, Home House members can now enjoy access to CORE Club as a visiting member up to three times within a calendar year, Love from Cedric. To find out more about CORE club, please click here.

The legendary CORE club, with its stunning architectural features and an unstuffy approach that mirrors our own, will now welcome visiting Home House members up to three times a year. New York’s powerful elite number among the CORE’s vibrant and diverse community of creativity and influence from the worlds of business, the Arts and politics.
CORE provides unrivalled dining, meeting, sleeping and fitness spaces in beautiful surroundings; a continuously changing collection of artwork provides an inspiring backdrop to the stunning accommodation. Every need and every whim is catered for at the highest level – only the best will do for our members. 
Just click this link: and provide a minimum of 48 hours notice for guest list bookings at Core Club. 
Love from Cedric
66 East 55th Street | New York, NY 10022 
Terms and Conditions
1. No person under 21 years of age shall be permitted into the Host Club premises.
2. Members will be entitled to 3 visits per year, or up to 7 days if they stay at a Partner Club Suite/Bedroom (at guest rates), alternatively each use of the club will count as one visit.
3. Visiting Members will be entitled to bring along a maximum of 3 guests each day, except for special events or private functions, where attendance is strictly by invitation only. If a Visiting
Member wishes to bring in more guests, this will be treated on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability. While on the Club premises, such guests shall be the responsibility of the Visiting Member who shall be responsible for all the guest fees which are payable prior to leaving the Club.
4. All bills will be settled by credit card on the day itself, no credit will be facilitated.
5. The Partner Clubs agree that members of either club are to contact their own membership department, who will in turn fax / email / call the corresponding membership department with a letter of introduction for any Member who wishes to visit the Partner
Club. This information is to include the intended duration of the Visiting Member’s visit as well as their requested use of the Host Club facilities (the maximum stay for any one visit should be set at one week).
6. Reservations must be made at least 2 days in advance. While every possible arrangement will be made to accommodate the Visitor, the Club may not guarantee a booking and reserves the right to decline admission to anyone into the Club premises.
7. Visiting Members are required to comply with all Rules and By-Laws and authorized regulations of the Host Club.
8. The Host Club, its directors, officers, staff, agencies, consultants or associates are under no legal liability should any Visiting Members of their guests bring claims associated with personal injuries or any damage, whether due to accident or negligence, or loss of personal belongings from any cause whatsoever.