Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre: ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’

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Join us for a quintessentially British summer evening in the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Park and enjoy a pre-theatre champagne and lobster buffet supper in our VIP area prior to the performance.

From the Golden Age of the movie musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers finds its perfect partner in the Open Air Theatre.

This much-loved musical includes Bless Your Beautiful Hide, Goin’ Courtin’, Wonderful, Wonderful Day, and the dance spectacular, Barn Dance. Featuring Alex Gaumond as Adam and

Laura Pitt-Pulford as Milly, director Rachel Kavanaugh reunites the creative team behind our award-winning production of The Sound of Music.

Cost: £99 per person including best seat, programme, champagne and lobster supper.

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Thursdays of the Unexpected..

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From late in House 21 .  Spontaneous performances from guest artists across the entertainment spectrum will be the theme of night. From acoustic/vocal sets and contortionists to comedy and improvisation; the fun will abound from 10pm onwards.

No RSVP.  Complimentary for members and guests.

Time/Location: 10.00pm onwards, House 21

For more information, contact:

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Carnaby Street ‘Dedicated Follower of Fashion’ Walk

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Join Philippa and Robin on a sunny evening amble around the most iconic street in London.

Carnaby has seen it all: from the 16th century through to the 20th century style tribes of the Mods, Goths, Rockers and Punks to the international shopping destination and creative hub for trend innovation and modern style it is known as today.

Complimentary for members, £10 per guest

RSVP required.

Time/Location: 6.45pm, under the Liberty Clock, Great Marlborough Street

No refunds

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Introduction to Mindfulness

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Mindfulness Leadership tutors, Jon Treanor and Laura Payne welcome you to an ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ – the scientifically proven practice of taking back control of the mind and recognising how the power of deep personal awareness on a fundamental level can bring huge benefits.

Complimentary to members, £10 per guest

Time/Location: 7.00pm, House Lounge

No refunds.

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