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Backgammon Society

Date: August 17, 2015

Time: 1:00 pm

Ticket types available to book: Free Ticket: £0.00 (GBP)

Backgammon Society

Come along to see why the world’s first board game is so addictive!  Our Backgammon Society attracts a truly broad range of people – a range of skills, from absolute beginners to world-class big-money players; and a range of backgrounds. And for the really serious, we also have a team playing in the London Interclub League!

Please contact Emma in advance if you wish to play.

Time/Location: 7.00pm, Etruscan Room

To learn more and request a place, please contact: [email protected]

Our Charity of the Year: Help us to raise funds for the Children’s Intensive Care Appeal at St Mary’s Hospital Paddington

 We politely ask you to put a coin (or note!) or two in the charity box which will be available at all complimentary members’ events.  And for more information about this fantastic appeal, please feel free to pick up a leaflet.

Many thanks

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Home House’s Charity of the Year is the Imperial College Healthcare Charity – supporting the Children’s Intensive Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington